About us

The duo Tête-à-Tête is striving to enlarge the organ repertoire by the means of transcription, particularly of large orchestral works.

There is a long-standing tradition of transcription of orchestral works for keyboard by the composer himself.  Tête-à-Tête would like to continue in the footprints of this tradition through the use of the formation “four hands four feet”, remaining loyal to the original subtleties of the orchestration yet bringing it into a new light.

The programming concept of Tête-à-Tête draws an audience by the performance of well-known repertoire of high quality thereby inspiring an  new interest in the instrument. 

Its numerous collaborations with percussion open new perspectives for musical expression.

Tête-à-Tête has given most of its concerts in France, Germany and Switzerland and since 2009, the Duet also occurs  in a formation "Organ and Piano" as well as "Organ and Harpsichord".

The piano, considered as instrument soloist, shows itself sometimes colourer of the organ, sometimes rival of the king of instruments. Both instruments are in confrontation in original works written for the Duet but also in concertante works where the organ holds the part of the orchestra.

The chamber ensemble "Organ and Harpsichord" find its originality in the execution of the baroque repertoire, the organ considered as the ideal accompanist of the famous " concerti per cembalo ".